100 Days of Happiness Day 5 | Happiness is Everywhere

Sometimes you have such a good day it’s impossible to pick out all of thing that made you happy. Today was one of those days.  Since I can’t pick out one specific thing that made me happy I’ll tell you what happened that made this Sunday so fab!

So I got up today and I thought it was going to be pretty dull, we all have those days where we have nothing exciting planned. I normally love those kinds of days because I get a relaxing day of peace before the new week begins. I woke up and started my psychology revision just like I had planned and apart from that my day was looking pretty boring.

Today I got to catch up with my best friend who’s currently living in Glasgow. It’s not too far away from where I live but it’s always nice seeing her. I was so used to seeing her everyday for 13 years and then that changed when we went our separate ways for university. Separation is good because when I do see her I’m more grateful for it.

I also got to have a chat with my big cousin who I haven’t spoken too in a while, it’s nice chatting with family you don’t always get to see. I also learned my psychology notes that I had planned to learn which means I’m right on track! Yay! Today has been a fantastic day and I hope it continues!! Hope you all have had a lovely day and I hope it continues into this week for you all. Nothing better than a good week to put you in a happy mood! I’m ending my lovely Sunday evening sorting out things for work I’m planning to do over the summer! You’ll probably here about this is an upcoming blog post but until then my lips are sealed! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

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