100 Days of Happiness Day 18 | Almost Over

I’m happy that this time next week all of my exams will be finished along with my first year of university. It’s exciting, worrying and a little stressful if I’m being honest. It doesn’t seem that long ago since we started and now I’m finishing up. It’s a good thing of course as it means I’m one step closer to getting my psychology degree!

Today has been filled with stress and worry and a lot of anxiety. Often when I feel these thing I cry most of the day which I done a lot of today. Exams aren’t really fun when they’re only a couple of days away but on the bright side this time next week I’ll have no exams and my posts should be a little happier and more exciting – yay!

Today I caught up on Agents of Shield and oh my god I fall into a deeper obsession with the series the more I watch. I still have a few to catch up on so please don’t spoil it for me. I also watched a episode of Chicago Fire. I started re-watching season one which I am enjoying. I have about 6 episodes left to go and then I’ll be finished.

Tonight, I plan on doing a little more revision and then climbing into bed and either reading a book or watching a film. Right now the idea of a film is more appealing than reading a book. I’m worried about starting a book and then wanting to finish it because I get too wrapped up in the story. Maybe I’ll watch a superhero film, my Saturday night is pretty boring but sometimes boring is best.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about Ed Sheeran’s song All of The Stars which will be on The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack. The song brought a smile to my face and made me very happy!

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