100 Days of Happiness Day 19 | A Sunny Sunday

This morning I woke up to a sunny Sunday and those are my favourite kinds of Sunday’s. However, I live in Scotland which means sunshine is pretty much short-lived and today didn’t disappoint in that area. It was nice until about 3 o’clock where the skies opened and the rain was pretty heavy. Of course the rain was unexpected which meant as it poured I had to run outside and collect the washing getting soaked in the process.

Today has actually been a pretty fantastic day and it’s not because I done anything fancy or fun, I spent most of the day in my room revising like I have done for the past 3 weeks. Today was just filled with lots of good things which made me happy. Firstly I woke up pretty early which I prefer doing. I don’t like sleeping in a waking up at noon and realising I’ve wasted most of my day. Of course days like this every odd weekend and very appreciated but most days I like to be up before 9, even if that does mean I spend the next three hours in bed browsing Facebook and Twitter.

I managed to get a lot of revision done today which has calmed me down and I feel more prepared about my exams this week which is always a good thing. Okay, so maybe I’m not at the stage where I know everything and can recite it to you if you asked me to but I know most and for now that’s good enough. I have another two days after today to prepare myself that little more so fingers crossed by Tuesday night I’ll feel no stress at all. Just a little nerves and a ton of happiness that the exams are almost finished with!

I don’t know if anyone else does this but here in the UK Sunday’s mean we get a Sunday roast for dinner and it’s always my favourite. We don’t always have it every Sunday but we have at least once a month and it’s always fantastic. A roast dinner is certainly one of my favourites but obviously it’s not as good as a Christmas dinner. My mum makes the best roast and there’s always empty plates when we’re finished. Being my fabulous mum she always gets in something amazing for dessert too and she didn’t disappoint on this rainy Sunday.

Sitting waiting for us after dinner was  sticky toffee cheesecake. If you didn’t know I’m a pretty big dessert person, it’s my favourite. Have you ever seen Remember Me? Well in that film Ally tells Tyler that she always has dessert first because it’s the best part. Which I totally agree with, I used to eat all my vegetables as a kid just so I got get an extra scoop of ice-cream. Unlike Ally from the film I don’t eat my dessert first, I believe the best should be saved until last so I’m okay with having dessert after my main meal.

It’s just after eight here and I’m crawling into bed to watch a film and end my perfect Sunday on a high note. Tomorrow marks the start of a new week and a stressful one at that. I’m excited for it to soon almost be over but as you can expect I’m also pretty anxious about my exams. Anyway, that’s tomorrow’s worry no point in panicking about that now.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about how my exams are almost over and catching up on some Agent’s of Shield and Season 1 of Chicago Fire!

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