100 Days of Happiness Day 22 | 1 Down, 2 To Go

Getting through today meant that I’d never have to do business again. I am so excited and happy that it’s over. I don’t think you really understand how much I hated the subject. I mean some parts of it were interesting but the subject just wasn’t for me. I found it really hard to understand. With the exam over I only have 2 left which makes me really happy!!

The exam didn’t go as well as it could have and if I’m being honest I let the nerves get the better of me which I shouldn’t have. I should have sat the pen down taken a breath and then continued instead of blabbering on about nonsense and skipping over a question I could have answered perfectly. Trust me, I’m kicking myself! It’s over now and I can’t do anything to change it all I can do is hope that I done enough to pass and my fingers are certainly crossed.

With one exam over it means I have two left which marks the almost end of my first year at university, wow. It’s certainly went quick but I’m pretty happy to put year one behind me and enjoy summer before moving onto year two! Tonight looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night filled with a lot of coffee and cry for help texts with my friends. We’re nearly there and I’ll be able to catch up on sleep on Friday night!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all how happy I was for coffee after an endless night of revision, honestly I’m running on so little sleep that coffee is pretty much my favourite thing right now!

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