100 Days of Happiness Day 28 | A Clean Room & Kindness

I am happy for the simple things in life, a clean room and kindness. Today I got the much deserved time I needed to organise the mess that I was currently calling a room. It was so bad I could barely see the floor and my clean clothes were just sitting on a chair waiting to be put away. I’m not a fan of mess and I like being organised so you can only imagine how much I hated walking into my room after a long day to see this. Thankfully, I won’t have to walk into a mess like that again, or at least for a month or so. I’m in love with my cluttered free space and clean room. I can dance around to music and lie on the floor and watch TV without having to move everything out-of-the-way in order to do it. A clean room make me very happy.

Today I am also happy for a little kindness. It’s not something that you think about doing often because more often than not you can do it without even thinking of it. Kindness is a gift that if spread enough can make millions of people smile so why not spread that now and again? Today I never done something hard I just smiled at a stranger and she commented on what a lovely smile I had which made me smile and feel better. I also had a conversation with my neighbour for half an hour which was nice. Again, kindness doesn’t have to be doing something out of your comfort zone it can be something simple and like I said simple is sometimes best. If you haven’t told someone you love them today or you haven’t smiled at anyone then go do it before the clock strikes midnight. You’ll be amazed at how much better you can make someone’s day just by doing something simple!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about how I had a social media and technology free weekend which was pretty blissful!

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