100 Days of Happiness Day 32 | Board Games and Arguements

So I don’t know if this is true with anyone else’s family but when mine get together we have a few drinks and bring out the board games. It always ends in either 2 ways: 1) we all get into an argument about the current game being played or 2) someone storms off in the huff. Today it was the earlier that started but since we’re family it’s okay to shout and scream at each other because after an hour you forget what the disagreement was even about and you’re on to another board game, where an argument could start at any moment.

We started off the day by playing battleships. My brother and I are pretty competitive so as you can imagine it ended with each of us accusing the other of moving their ships and lying when one of us actually hit it. This was the first argument of the day. Fortunately I won the game which meant I got to do a victory dance and rub it in my brothers face, something he wasn’t fond off.

Next we played a game of frustration which really is one of the most frustrating games ever. You have to role a six on the dice before you can leave the home base and continue around the board. In the first game I done really well and even won the second game I didn’t do as well as I’d have liked. I ended up taking a half an hour break from the game because the dice wouldn’t role a six. Of course the only explanation for this was that my brother had done something to the dice so that I couldn’t win.

We also played checkers which ended in my mum having to split us up because I accused him of cheating when he wasn’t. I don’t like loosing and I’m a pretty competitive person. Fists got involved when the rule book was brought out. I kind had him in a headlock but one shout from mum got us to stop and pack the game away in defeat. Note to self, if your mums around do not under any circumstances put your brother in a headlock you will get shouted at and asked are you 19 or 9. Also, the correct response to this answer is never 9 you should just apologize and walk away before she can say anything else.

As if they day hadn’t been competitive enough we had a family match of monopoly. Now, these games never end well. The one thing about monopoly is that no one has ever managed to complete a game and this is because of 2 reasons: 1) you’re accused of rigging the game so the other person looses or 2) it stars a family argument where everyone shouts over each other about who’s currently winning and bonus answer number 3) someone storms off because they’re bankrupt in debt for £20 million and they have no way of bringing the game around. I’ll let you decide for yourself which way this game went. Hint – my brother’s still mad that I kept taking all of his money!

All in all it was a very competitive argumentative day but sometimes those days can be the happiest. I had fun playing games with the family and getting to show off my “I’m winning dance.” I also loved getting to storm off in the huff but I swear it only happened once. We’re now settling down to watch a film as we wait for dinner to arrive. Today was certainly a day to be remembered and since I’ll be spending more time with family tomorrow I can only hope it’ll be just as successful. Although maybe a little less arguing and more laughing.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about my new obsession with the TV show Once Upon A Time – if you haven’t watched it yet seriously what are you doing, go watch it 🙂

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