100 Days of Happiness Day 33 & 34 | Family Reunion & A Christening

Okay, so technically this was supposed to be yesterday’s post. Since I’m currently lacking sleep I’m just going to combine both today and yesterday together. Not much happened today and yesterday and they kind of overlap so it makes sense. I don’t normally miss days, accept that weekend I went without social media, I promise not to make a habit out of this. Anyway, let’s get on with what happened before the alcohol took affect!

My cousin and her boyfriend welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world back in February and yesterday it was her christening. Orla looked lovely dressed in white and she had the cutest hat ever. Smiling and giggling away taking everything in she didn’t cry once  during the service. However, my cousin did inform us that she wouldn’t stop crying before hand so this might explain that.

Afterwards we went over to the chapel hall for a celebration party which was really kind of like a family reunion. I met my family on my dads side that I hadn’t seen since I was young. It was lovely seeing them again even if my mum had to tell me who everyone was before we went and spoke to them. Looking on the bright side I now know all their names and will hopefully remember them. I’m kind of bad with names, I do however remember faces better and I continue to believe that this is sometimes better!

I wasn’t drinking yesterday and it was just supposed to be a lovely family day and my plan was to come back home last night and get an early night so I could get up early today and get some things done. Of course when you’re reunited with family you haven’t seen in a while all your original plans go out the window. My big cousin managed to talk me into a night out with her, her boyfriend and a few of their friends to celebrate Orla’s christening and of course I said yes after being persuaded by both my parents and my cousin.

So once convinced I stayed behind and got some much needed cuddles from baby Orla who gives the best cuddles in the world. I may be a little biased in saying that but I don’t care, she does. Anyway, it was about five o’clock before I started drinking and most of the people we were going out with had stared earlier. Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, it didn’t take me too long to catch up and a night of laughter and dancing started.

I’m pretty tired considering I never feel asleep until 2 in the morning and was so very kindly woken up by Hollie, my cousins dog. At least I’ll be back in my own bed tonight wrapped up and sitting watching Monday night television.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about spending the day with family and playing boardgames which of course ended in several arguments and storming off in frustration!

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