100 Days of Happiness Day 36 | A Visit to the Orthodontist and Game!

Today’s day of happiness was because I got to spend the day with my brother. It didn’t matter that the buses were a little screwed up and it didn’t matter than I had to spend half an hour sitting in the orthodontist terrified because I got to spend the day with him and it was a pretty perfect day.

I’m pretty terrified of the dentist and I guess it is a pretty stupid thing to be scared off but I really don’t like it. It’s kind of a fear the developed when I was a child and it’s really stuck with me since. I don’t like going alone and if I can get someone to sit outside and wait on me then I always feel a little better. I remember my dentist as a kid being really quite horrible and impatient with me and ever since I haven’t liked going alone.

You can probably sense my excitement about having to take my brother for his appointment but since my mum was at work and our dad wasn’t feeling great I sucked it up and took him. It meant I got to spend some time with him which was the bright side of this whole situation. My brother and I went to the orthodontist expecting his braces to come off but it was quite the opposite. He still has a few gaps which will need a little while longer so he dragged his feet out knowing he’d be stuck with them until at least August or September. I keep telling him the wait will be worth if but I don’t think he quite sees it that way.

Afterwards we went shopping. Well I say shopping it was really me being dragged around all the game shops as he exchanged some games and bought some new ones. He got Watch Dogs which is apparently a highly anticipated game that came out earlier this week. I’m not entirely sure what the games about but from what I’ve seen of him playing it it does look pretty great. My neighbour, Bethany, has also been hooked on the game so no doubt I won’t be seeing either of them this weekend!

We got some lunch and had a long overdue catch up which was fantastic. No phones, just the two of us chatting and laughing which I liked. Phones can be such a distraction and I think it’s important to forget about them every now and again and just focus on each other. It was a fantastic day and the best part, I never spent a penny – result! I also made plans to meet up with a friend for a well deserved catch up on Friday which I’m looking forward too!

I’m now settled into bed to work out a piece of writing I’ve been storing away for sometime. I bought this muffin earlier and I’m about to tuck into it hoping that it will fuel some creative writing and great ideas. This week is shaping up to be a pretty good one.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about lazy days and playing the sims! Everyone needs a lazy day every once and I while and after a busy weekend I had certainly earned this one!!

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