100 Days of Happiness Day 37 | Sometimes All We Need is A Little Sunshine

Sometimes it can be the simple things that make us the happiest. As much as I want to travel the world and meet as these different people I don’t need it to be happy. For me happiness can come from seeing the sun shine down and brightening everything up or settling down with tea and cake. Today those both were pretty important things that made me happy on a day when I needed happiness the most.

Do you ever have those days where you wake up and wonder what’s going on in your life? Today went a little like that. It wasn’t even anything major I just felt down and it kind of made me a little sad and I was in need of a pick me up. Usually a cup of tea makes me feel better in the morning but today it just wasn’t working.

It was just one of those days where I look at my friends and saw all of the amazing things they have going on in their lives that I don’t have. It was kind of a mixture of things that got me down today and for personal reason I’m going to keep them with me.  I don’t know, thinking about it now it’s really stupid things that got down about but they did get to me today. Although, tonight I’m back to feeling like my normal self which is great. I’m happier and I’m smiling as I type this, promise!

What did cheer me up today? The sun made me smile this afternoon as I watched the kids who live near me jump on their bikes and scooters and played tag. I enjoy the sun it’s a simple happiness in life. I’ve always said that if I lived somewhere warm and sunny I’d be happy everyday but then if I did stay somewhere that was always warm and sunny I probably wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do. I also got tea and carrot cake this evening which was pretty amazing.

I’ve always believed the happiest can be found in the simplest of places and today kind of proved that for me. If you’re having a crappy day like I had think of the one thing that always makes you happy. For me it’s the sun or cake, they both made me feel better today. Sometimes all we need is a reminder that just because you’re sad now doesn’t mean you’ll always be like that. Happiness can come in the most unlikely places. I mean, look where I found it today!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about spending the day with my brother and having a catch up over lunch.

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