100 Days of Happiness Day 38 | Shopping and Lunch Dates

In my life I have the best friends I could have ever asked for. Today I’m grateful for all of my friends but today I’m focusing on one friend in particular, Cara. Today we arranged to meet up for lunch and a walk around the shops which I love doing with her. It’s kind of what we do whenever we meet up and unspoken rule but it’s a great one.

For once it was really warm today we were practically melting but we powered through and made it through a fantastic fun day. First we went for lunch which was nothing exciting just some chips and burgers, they were good though. We also got a long overdue catch up in there and a good laugh. I haven’t seen Cara since before my exams started which was at least a month ago. That’s a long time to go without seeing your best friend so a catch up was certainly in order.

Like always, after lunch and without really saying anything we found ourselves in the bookshop searching through the shelf’s for something new to read. We always end up in the bookshop when we’re out, it’s kind of like our unwritten rule. It’s not considered a day of shopping unless we’ve been to a bookshop. In my opinion you can never have too many books but I do think the unread books on my shelf would disagree. I will get around to reading them soon, maybe.

I wasn’t meant to buy anything today as I’m trying to save up some of my money. It didn’t quite goes as planned but I did stop myself from buying DVD’s so I kind of done okay, right? I only bought one book which is a miracle for me since I normally buy 3 or 4 at a time. The book did sound really good so in a way I don’t think it was as bad. Cara bought like 6 so I just keeping telling myself I done okay because I didn’t buy as many as her.

With the sun setting behind my house it marks the end of a perfect day. I had a lot of fun. I need to stop waiting so long in-between seeing Cara again. Every time I see her I’m reminded of why she’s one of my best friends and it’s because she’s a kind caring wonderful person. I realise I may be biased in saying this because she is my best friend but it’s the truth. I have yet to meet someone as lovely and genuine as Cara. An early night’s on the cards tonight as I have quite a busy day planned for tomorrow but that’s another blog post!

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