100 Days of Happiness Day 39 | Movie Night

Today after not seeing her in a while I got a well deserved catch up with Bethany. She’s been studying hard for her exams so it’s great seeing her smiling again and relaxing now that they’re all over with. Today we celebrated the end of her exams with a trip to the shopping centre and a trail around the shops.

When we got back home we ordered a Chinese and sat in front of the TV and watched Once Upon a Time. We’re obsessed with this show right now. Now we’re curled up on the couch we’re about to tuck into some sweets and crisps and watch some more of season 2 of Once Upon A Time before sticking on a few films to end a perfect day. Today was pretty fantastic and I’ve been smiling all day. Those are always the best days!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about catching up with a friend over lunch and a shopping trip!

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