100 Days of Happiness Day 40 | Laughter is The Best Medicine

It’s the first of June which officially means summer has arrived! Yay!!

Today was pretty eventful. Not in the way that I done anything exciting today was pretty much a stay in the house day.  I hurt myself, again but then that isn’t a surprise. I’m currently resting my foot but first let me fill you in on what happened.

Today was a pretty normally Sunday. I watched some more Once with Bethany before she headed home and afterwards I basically spent the day cleaning up some of my room and listening to music. Nothing too exciting, nothing to dangerous and yet I still managed to hurt myself. I think I need to be constantly wrapped in bubble wrap!

Anyway the part you’re all waiting to hear – how did you hurt yourself I hear you ask well. . .

I was cleaning out my folders that I keep my psychology notes in and I pulled out the poly-pockets and left the sitting on the floor. Stupid mistake I know, can you guess where this is going already? A few hours passed and I had forgotten I had left them scattered. I stood up to go downstairs and get a drink and wearing socks, stood on the poly-pockets slipped and fell to the ground hitting my wrist off my bed in the process and landing on my ankle. Apart from a little pain when I walk I’m fine. I may or may not have also stood on a plug today too. Don’t worry I’m looking out some bubble wrap as you read this.

Of course I can see the funny side to all of this. I hurt myself so often I think you need to laugh at yourself otherwise I’d be sitting on the floor crying over how clumsy I was and crying never gets you anywhere. Anyway, resting my injured foot I’m about to start my June reading list which I’m excited about. Finally I’ll be able to make my way through some of these books that need read! .

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about having a movie night with my neighbour to celebrate the end of her exams, stuffing our faces with chocolate and of course watching our new favourite show Once Upon A Time!

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