100 Days of Happiness Day 42 | Covered in Red Paint

Today was a pretty simple day full of laughter and a lot of red paint. My dad was about to go clean out one of our cupboards in the kitchen that we tend to just throw everything into and hope for the best. I know it’s not a smart idea but we were going to clean it today. I always refuse to go near the cupboard in case of spiders. Today however I had to step inside the dreaded spider cupboard and I’m pretty proud of myself for doing it.

As my dad reached in to pull out some things he knocked over the bucket of red fence paint and it went everywhere. I’m taking about over shoes and bags. Even my mums painting covers and boxes where she keeps cleaning supplies. It was a mess. Of course I laughed for the first five minutes as my dad cursed and walked up and down the kitchen pulling out paint covered things and washing them. I stopped laughing once he told me to get in there and clean it up.

Of course I did it because if I didn’t it would have taken in forever. The downside of spilling red paint means that when you try to clean it up it gets everywhere like normal paint. Only with red paint it looks like you’ve just committed murder and you’re trying to hide the evidence. I’m not joking take a look at my hands after I had finally finished cleaning all the paint – which took me a good 30 minutes!

Once cleaned up I once again started laughing at my dad who had somehow managed to cover his face in paint. I still don’t know how he managed it and neither does he but we’re both cleaned up now and the red paint is now gone, hurrah! After an eventful day we’re now both sitting in front of the TV about to watch a film. We’re not sure what one yet but I’m sure we’ll find something we’ll both enjoy!

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