100 Days of Happiness Day 43 | I Need An Early Night

Today has been a long day and I’ve watched the seconds tick by so slowly. I’ve been wanting to get back to bed from one o’clock this afternoon and now the time has finally arrived. I can stick my head on the pillow and fall into a sweet dream! I have never been more excited about climbing into bed than I am at this very moment.

Today was kind of busy, I helped my aunt out by serving a few meals. I always enjoy helping out but afterwards I’m always tired. It’s a long day that starts at 10 in the morning where I basically set up tables, set the cutlery and plates out. Make sure everything looks presentable and get the biscuits sorted. Once everyone’s arrived I then serve the guest their meals as well as cleaning everything away. This includes washing and drying dishes which normally isn’t so bad but when you’re on your 100th plate you just want it to be over. I love helping out there and everyone is always friendly. Not to mention the people we serve are always lovely!

It’s be a long day and my bed is calling so it’s only a short blog post tonight. I have no idea what tomorrow holds but with another 7 o’clock start I’m pretty sure it’ll be a hectic day. I do have a free day so I’m thinking of catching up on some reading and maybe giving my room a clean again. It’s looking a little messy but right now that’s tomorrows decision. All I really need is for my head to hit the pillow.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about spending my afternoon helping my dad clean up all the red paint he dropped. It was pretty messy but I’m sure you can all imagine!

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