100 Days of Happiness Day 45 | Reunited Best Friends

Today my happiness is focused towards my amazing best friend of almost 15 years. She moved away to university so I no longer see her as much as I’m used to so when she’s home we make the most of her visits! Thankfully, she’s moved back home for the summer which means she’s now my partner in crime again and we back to being a bad influence on each other, in the best was possible of course πŸ™‚

Today was a pretty simple day reunited with Katie and having a proper catch up which was long overdue. Don’t get me wrong I talk to Katie all the time. I text her at least five times a day and we phone each other at least once a week but nothing feels better than having a catch up face to face. With a face to face catch up I also get a hug which is fantastic!

Today was really sunny and warm, I know it’s really shocking weather for Scotland but I am not complaining. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so of course I made the most of the sun. Katie and I went our usually walk around our village whilst having a catch up which was perfect. The sky was really pretty too lots of pink and red colours in the sky. I was too busy engrossed in conversation to take a picture but I promise you it was beautiful.

A catch up and a walk with Katie wouldn’t be complete without climbing a muddy hill for a shot on the swings. Her feet got soaking but it was worth it. We’re big kids at heart but that’s never bothered us before! We’ve now parted ways and are meeting up on Monday for another catch up and carry on.

Speaking of having a carry on Katie reminded me today of her slipping on a banana peel which made my night even more perfect that it already was. I only thought that happened in cartoons but apparently it doesn’t. A night full of laughter and a sore stomach is certainly a good night!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about my Katie moving back home. It’s short and sweet but it made me happy all day πŸ™‚

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