100 Days of Happiness Day 49 | Fun Filled Days, Sunshine & Rain

It’s not Scottish weather if you don’t get at least 2 season in one day, it’s a rule here. It’s not Scottish weather if you don’t get caught in the rain running home when you thought it was going to be sunny all day. Today was a very exciting and fun filled day which got a little competitive at points. It was just full of happiness and smiles and a lot good people. Those days are pretty important and always make me happy!

So today I spent it with friends from high school at it was really great. I haven’t seen most of them in a while so it was good to just chill and have a catch up with them. We ate pizza and played a few games, pictionary and cards against’s humanity. As you can imagine it was full of laughter and a lot of shouting but it was perfect.

Before the day had even really started I found myself dressed in a banana costume. I wish I could tell you that there was an important reason for this and that there was some kind of amazing back story to it but there isn’t. I went to Helen’s and we were chatting about Halloween costumes and she some how mentioned how she had a banana costume lying in her house. Of course I couldn’t just not try it on after she had mentioned it. If you’re looking for the pictures you can find it on my Instagram!

We also went a walk around the loch which was really pretty. The sun was shining it was warm and I was with my friends which just made it even more perfect. We got to see the swans and ducks swimming around although I didn’t stop long enough to take a picture. The swans freak me out a little, I got chased around by one as a kid and sometimes the chase after you for bread. I didn’t really want a repeat but I did get these lovely pictures of the loch while we were having a shot on the swings before the rain arrived.

Sunshine & Rain 016 Sunshine & Rain 017

We made it to the shops just in time before it started raining a little and we got some food and juice for an afternoon of fun. We then went to the train station to pick up Holly and while we waited for her train we tucked into some Oreo ice cream sandwiches. Oh my god they were so good. Like I love normal Oreo biscuits but these were a new level of amazing!

Sunshine & Rain 028

We left the station and it starting pouring down so we got soaked running back to Helen’s house. Once home we ended up standing for 5 minutes using a hair dryer to dry our clothes. It didn’t work out as well as we thought it would have but it was a lot better than sitting in soaking wet clothes. We soon forgot about our wet trousers and just tucked into pizza and crisps and chocolate and just had a  good day.

I love my friends and today was just a day that proved how much I love them and miss the ones I don’t get to see as often as I would like. Today was great full of running, laughter, cheering, shouting and a lot of craziness. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. You can see more of my pictures from my day on my Instagram.

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