100 Days of Happiness Day 53 | It’s The Gala Day!

Today I spent the day doing some reading but I also spent it with family. It was a great day filled with a lot of laughter and happiness. So where I’m from we have yearly tradition known as the Gala day. Just in case any of you don’t know what it is I’ll try and explain it as best I can.

It’s basically a day where we have a parade and a bit of a celebration. We crown a queen and she has like people in her court, these are all children. It’s known as a children’s Gala Day. The kids are then put onto floats and those who aren’t in the Royal procession part can dress us in a theme the school picks and they walk in the parade. It’s a really fun thing and a lot of grown-ups get involved and design a float and make it a real fun day. Afterwards there are races on the park beside my house and then shows which you can go to afterwards. Normally, it’s just a day for everyone to get together and have a bit of fun and a laugh. It’s always good, especially if you get a sunny day. In all honestly though,we  settle for dry days that are cloudy too since in Scotland we don’t get much sun.

It was pretty cloudy today but it was dry which was important because it means the kids don’t get their dresses and kilts wet and it’s always better when it’s dry. The sun did pop out to say hello in the afternoon but it wasn’t much. My neighbours had a BBQ which smelt amazing. We never have a BBQ this year but my mum made a spread of food and cakes which was equally brilliant.

My parents then went off and done their own thing as did my brother so I was left with a couple of hours on my hands. My friends were all working today so I didn’t really have any to celebrate this year with. It was all good though I managed to re-read The Fault in Our Stars and I came to the conclusion that nothing is going to emotionally prepare me for this film. I am done trying to prepare myself I am going to cry in the cinema and I do not care.

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