100 Days of Happiness Day 56 | Some Days are Bad Days

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and days just don’t turn out like you expect them too. What can start of as a pretty crappy day can often spiral into an even more crappy day and before you know it you’re sitting at 9 o’clock at night watching another episode of Once Upon A Time wishing they day would end.

Today didn’t go as I thought it would which is kind of a bummer but I totally accept it and I’m moving forward. Tomorrow’s a new day and a fresh start. Not every day can be a good day and I understand that but what’s important is that you look at your day and realise that it wasn’t all that bad. That’s the reason I started this, I wanted to be able to look at my day and realise just because it seems like you’ve had a bad day it might not all be bad, and today hasn’t been all bad.

I got to catch up with my lovely neighbour and now I’m settling down for the night to watch some TV before I go to bed and start a new day tomorrow. So things weren’t as happy and smiley like they normally are but not every day can be happy and smiley. Sometimes you have to go through a bad day but that only makes you appreciate that happier days more. Tomorrow will be a happier day, I can tell.

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