100 Days of Happiness Day 60 | My Friend Made My Day!

So, I’ve been writing something called The Last Goodbye. The idea of the story came about when I was on my way home from the cinema. I just got home and started writing and before I knew it I had this passage and I had to share it on the blog. A friend of mine who I know read it and she said something pretty amazing that’s had me smiling ever since she told me.

Sometimes all you need in life is someone to say one nice thing about something that matters to you and it can make your day. I never expected anyone to say anything like she did. I’ve always been someone who was scared of hearing what other people thought of my work and then someone goes and says this and it just makes me wonder why I’m so scared to hear what people think.

What I thought might be a pretty ordinary day turned into something pretty special after she sent me that message and I am forever grateful for that. Not only that but she’s been reading over something else I’ve written leaving funny comments and changing some words around so it flows better. I’m not going to say her name because she knows who she is but she’s a star! P.S. I’m still not over how amazing and emotionally destroying The Fault in Our Stars was!!!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about being in a glass case of emotion that I don’t know how to leave after seeing The Fault in Our Stars.

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