100 Days of Happiness Day 67 | Pizza

So this one’s a day late and today’s one will also be a day late but there is a good reason. I’ve been staying at my best friends this weekend and it’s be fun. It was something I had agreed to do a few weeks now and I had been looking forward to it. Yesterday didn’t disappoint and I had a great day.

She made me pizza and chips for dinner which despite the disastrous attempt at getting it out the packaging was fantastic. She also had Vimto juice which I haven’t had in ages so it was so good to have some. We watched Catching Fire which is such a good film. Eating pizza and watching the film felt like we were honouring Jennifer Lawrence since as she says “pizza fixes everything!” Which can only agree with!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about getting those dreaded exam results!

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