100 Days of Happiness Day 68 & 69 | Friends and Cake

As I said in the last 100 days of happiness, these few days would be a little late. I’ve been staying with a friend and I’ve had pretty much a non-stop weekend. Let me fill you in on what happened yesterday and today.

I went to my friend Cara’s house where I stayed over. It was just a really chilled out day. She caught the cold on Saturday and she was pretty ill so we just chilled. We walked to the shops and got food in for the week and something for dinner. She made me chicken pie and chips which I haven’t had in a while and it was really good. We also managed to catch about 10 minutes of sun so we sat outside eating ice cream before it got cold again. (Sun doesn’t normally last long in Scotland!)

After dinner we made cupcakes which turned out pretty good, not that I had any doubts. We bought cream cheese frosting and oh my god I kid you not this stuff was amazing. We had a spoonful each before we even started decorating the cakes. We made out pipping bags and had a shot at attempting to do what the do on the TV. So, our attempt wasn’t as good but I was still pretty proud about how they turned out. We then made them pretty before we tucked into a few with a cup of tea! I’m extra proud of the daisy cupcake, it’s pretty!

4 5

We spent the night watching TV and films. We watched a few episodes of Celebrity Juice and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown which were both hilarious. Both being fans of Jennifer Lawrence we watched Silver Linings Playbook which is one of my favourite films. Plus, it has Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro & Chris Tucker in it, what’s not to like? The book is something I never get tired of reading so you can only guess how much I love the film.

Despite still not feeling herself this morning Cara made me breakfast and a cup of tea. I don’t know what she does but her tea is always the best. I think I’m going to need her to give me lessons on how to make amazing tea because no matter when she makes me it it’s always the best. I came home in the afternoon while she went out shopping. I’ve spent my afternoon cleaning my room and I managed to squeeze in a little of the Sims. Tonight I plan on curling up into a ball and watching a few films.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about eating pizza and watching Catching Fire, what a perfect combo!

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