100 Days of Happiness Day 76 | We went exploring!

Today was a pretty fun day. It started of as a pretty normal day. I got up early and went for a run. I particularly loved it today because the sun was out this morning and everything just seemed a lot brighter and prettier. I forgot to lift my phone so I didn’t snap any pictures but I promise I’ll snap some tomorrow.

I came home and sorted myself out for a lazy day. I was planning on sitting in front of my computer playing the sims, doing a little writing and watching TV. I got through an hour of this before my plans changed. I ended up going exploring with my neighbour. Below is one of the pictures I took of our exploration.

Yay 030

While out our walk we wandered down a path that we’ve never been down before. We didn’t have enough time as I had to get home for dinner so we didn’t manage to walk all the way down the path but it was really pretty. We found some windmills at the bottom which I hadn’t realised where there. It was such a beautiful day and the fact that I got to spend it exploring with one of my best friends made it even better!

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