100 Days of Happiness Day 78 | Looking For My Silver Lining

So I had a job interview at the weekend and I’ve been waiting to hear back from the company to see if I got the job. Unfortunately, today I found out I didn’t get it and although I’m a little upset that I didn’t I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’m a pretty positive person most of the time and I always try to find that small silver lining in everything. So I didn’t get this job but it might be the next one or it might be the one after that. Something better might be around the corner.

Things have been pretty crap lately and I’m not going to lie to you it has been harder to find the good in the simplest of things than normal. There’s been family drama and personal drama and things I can’t even begin to talk about. Things happen for a reason but sometimes it’s hard to understand why they happened. I mean bad things happen every day and we don’t know why but we have to look for the good that’s hidden within the bad that makes us see that not everything is as bad as we think. Of course this isn’t always easy and lately I’m beginning to see how hard it can be.

I’ve always been someone who looks for the good in every situation or person. I’ve always been this really happy person who always smiles and just gets one with things no matter what happens. I don’t know if it’s because a lot’s happened and I’m feeling down because of all of that or I’m just beginning to realise that you can’t be a positive happy person all the time. I don’t know – the simplest way to put things. I don’t know anything none of us really do. We’re all wandering through life wanting for something exciting to happen. I’m hoping my exciting thing is around the corner because I need something that makes me smile again.

I guess it’s kind of hard to find something happy written inside that. Maybe there isn’t anything happy inside of it but I do know I am so happy to have the family and friends that I do. I know things would be a lot harder without them and I am forever grateful to have those people in my life. They make me happy without realising it. They’re my Day 78 happiness.

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about that INSANE world cup match!!! I’m still in shock over it!

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