100 Days of Happiness Day 87 | Sometimes it’s fun to change things up.

Technically I started writing this post yesterday so it totally counts, right? Sometimes changing things around can be good. I’ve basically spent the last few days rearranging my room so it looks somewhat clean and pretty again. This also meant that my brother wanted his room changed around too so I spent today moving every piece of furniture he has. 5 hours later and a bed, wardrobe and TV unit finally moved to somewhere appropriate we’re finished. It was tiring but he did make me tea when I was taking breaks and he did help a lot so I was happy to do it.

My room on the other hand isn’t looking as clean and pretty as I had hoped. I have clothes scattered around the room and books/DVDs sitting everywhere. My clean plan will have to be pushed until tomorrow as there is no way I can find the enjoy to do it tonight. Plus it’s almost midnight here (now that I’ve posted this it’s after midnight) I’m grabbing a book and heading to bed. Moving furniture is tiring work!!

Hopefully I’ll have my fresh, somewhat clean and pretty room tomorrow night! Oh and my brother just found a bug on his wall, I’m not sure if it was a spider or just a fly. I now need to go around my room on a spider hunt just to make sure there won’t be any crawling around while I’m sleeping. Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

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