100 Days of Happiness Day 96 | Things got hectic!

I’ve missed a couple of days on this, I’m sorry. Things got kind of hectic over the past few days and I’m just now finding the time to catch my breath. I made some notes on what made me happy throughout the past couple of days so I have a four posts hitting you today. Hopefully the wait was worth it!

Sunday was a surprisingly a good day. I don’t normally do much on Sunday’s because my week is really busy. I always like trying to find a day where I can relax and just chill out before another busy week starts. I was supposed to be meeting a friend for a movie day filled with junk food and catch ups but the plans changed so my Sunday got blown wide open!

I ended up spending the day with my brother. We had basically a lazy day watching films and just having a carry on. My dad was working so my mum made us a Sunday roast for dinner which is very traditional here in the UK. I loved it everything in the meal was perfect, my mums a good cook! I’ve found that when you don’t have something for a while when you do get around to eating it it becomes 100 times better.

My brother and I then went and played some games on his PlayStation. He kicked my butt several times but as he screamed in my face about winning I told him that it’s taking part that counts. Of course if I had won I would have reacted the exact same way he did so there was no point trying to reason with him. We’re a pretty competitive pair – you should see us play monopoly! We’re planning a rematch soon so maybe next time I can kick his butt and shout about winning!

Check out my previous 100 days of happiness here! It’s all about my neighbours beautiful dog, Missy!

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