What’s next?

As you’re probably aware I finished my 100 Days of Happiness Challenge yesterday. It’s strange that those 100 days passed so fast but I had so much fun taking part. If it’s something you’ve been thinking about doing I’d highly suggest it. It’s a lot of fun getting to look back at your day find the things that made you smile.

I’ve spent the past couple of days wondering what’s happening next. I’m sure I’ll be doing the happiness challenge again at some point (for any of you wondering it’ll most likely be sometime next year). I think it worked out pretty perfect, today marks a new month and a perfect time to start something new. I’ve thought of some ideas that I’m really excited about staring and I wanted to share those with you before I start them next week!

Monday’s mark the start of a brand new week so I’ll be sharing some music with you. I normally have a song that gets me through the week whether it be something I’ve recently discovered or a song I’ve known and loved for years. I thought it would be something nice to start the week with.

Wednesday’s fall in the middle of the week and I figured why not share something that made me smile with you all. It can be anything from a new book I picked up to a film I was waiting to see for weeks, there is no limit! I think this will kind of be like the happiness challenge only instead of every day it’ll be once a week.

I’ll be sharing something with you all on Friday’s too although I’m not quite sure what will be happening here. I’ve kind of left it open hoping something will pop into my head but I have nothing right now. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions of what I could do I’d love to hear them just leave me a comment.

Finally, Sunday marks the last day of the week and I thought why not end the week with something interesting. I’ll be picking a topic and I’ll be simply sharing my thoughts. You guys will also be able to comment on what you want the topic I blog about to be. I’m quite excited about this one adn I’ve already got my first post for this Sunday organised!

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