It’s Sunday which means it’s that time where you get to listen to me rant about some pointless things. Today I thought I’d talk about obsessions. So when I like something I tend to become obsessed with it pretty easily whether it be food, music, a book, a film, basically anything. I’m the kind of person who likes to go all in on things, does that even make sense? I don’t know but lets continue with the post!

Songs are one thing I become obsessed with. When I find a song I like I will play that over and over again all day every day until I can no longer listen to it without getting annoyed. The worst part is that I know I shouldn’t over play the song because it’ll lead me to hating it in a few days but I do it anyway. It’s a never ending cycle.

Books are another thing I get obsessed with A LOT. In fact this is probably the main thing I get obsessed over. I’ll find a book I love and if it’s a series I’ll jump with joy at the fact I can read more about a characters life. Then you hit the last chapter of the last book in the series and it’s a bitter sweet moment. You don’t want the book and the story to end yet you want to read on to find out how it all ends. It’s annoying. The latest book I’ve done this with is If I Stay by Gayle Forman, I wrote a book review for it which you can find here. I’m kind of obsessed with Mia and Adam I’ve been on tumblr looking up fan art and I read the book again because I loved it so much. There relationship is pretty beautiful and the story is so touching. I love it, and I have the film to look forward to this month! 🙂

Speaking of films that’s another thing I can get obsessed with. If I see a good film I need to make sure all my friends see it so we can talk about it. Like I don’t shut up about it until they’ve watched it and then I ask them what there favourite parts were to see if they match mine. This obsession gets increasingly worse if the film is a book adaptation. I think I’ll leave this one at that.

Food! As you probably already know I love food, all kinds of food! I just love it and when I find a food I love I pretty much eat it all the time. My mum’s macaroni cheese is one of my favourites so whenever she’s making some I always make sure she makes extra so I can have some later on in the week. I think it’s the only food that’s my favourite that I eat rarely, maybe lasagne too. When I find food I like I’ll crave it until I can get more or I’ll over eat it and then get sick of it for a while. It’s crazy I know and I’m hoping I’m not the only person who does this. In fact I hate when you know you’re going to your favourite place for lunch or dinner and visualise what you’ll be having. You look forward to it all week and then you get there and they’re all “Sorry, we don’t have any of those delicious chicken burgers you love so much.” – That’s the worst thing that can happen especially when you’ve been looking forward to it all week! I’m going out for dinner celebrations in a few weeks and I’m hoping this doesn’t happen!

So there you have it, a few things I get pretty obsessed over. There are more but these are the mains and I don’t want to come across as crazy! 🙂  I mean I think they’re pretty normal I hope everyone goes through them and it’s not just me. Do you guys have any of these obsessions I mentioned above or some of your own I didn’t mention? I’d love to hear about them so leave me a comment below. Also, if you want to have a say on what topic I talk about next week you can leave it in the comments below too!

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