What do Scot’s do…?

smalltown bookworm

Okay right now I am going to tell you a bit about a real Scottish person, I do not know why I said Scot in the title ^up there^ because I have never actually heard a Scottish person say they are a Scot, that’s just what you all refer to us, mostly.

So their are a lot of stereotypes about “the Scots” and really most of them are just No, No, Heck No. However, on occasion some of them are actually real and true.I just found this article written by Molly Nurse on matadornetwork.com here is the link to that > it’s called 20 Signs you were born and raised in Scotland. As I was reading it, I was nodding my head because it was so true! As well as carrying on an internal monologue that I think you all will like hearing about my views on some things a…

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