Getting Soaked For A Good Cause

Yesterday my wonderful cousin nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge and since it was all for a good cause I was more than happy to accept the offer. I put on my onsie, filled up some buckets with freezing cold water, grabbed a chair and sat outside where my dad and brother were more than excited to pour it over me.

The challenge has been going on for a few weeks now and has raised so much money for ASL research which is amazing. People are getting fed up with the ice bucket challenge because it’s all anyone is doing and it’s all they’re seeing over their social media sites but I for one am not fed up of this challenge just yet. I love seeing how creative people are getting to step up to this challenge.

This is the thing, your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds will all go back to cat videos, selfies and pictures of someone’s lunch very soon. I mean all of that hasn’t really disappeared it’s just been masked by something incredible. I love that so many people are sitting outside or in the baths pouring freezing cold water over themselves in the name of a good cause. I love that it’s not just your neighbour or your best friend taking part in this but it’s your favourite celebrity too. I love that we’ve all come together to take part in something that’s going to help someone else in the long run. So you’re not going to see a huge change in this research next week but in time everything we’ve done could be the reason why they don’t have to research it any more which would be so unbelievable amazing.

Not many people new what ASL was before this challenge and now it’s harder to find someone who hasn’t taken part in the challenge than someone who doesn’t know what ASL is. Everybody taking part in this challenge who has donated have raised over $50 million. That’s crazy amounts of money that will allow them to carry out research that could one day find treatments or a cure of this disease.

Little fact, as of right now there isn’t a cure for the disease and it’s not understood what the cause of the disease is. The life expectancy for someone with the disorder is 2-5 years from when they are diagnosed. With all this money maybe we’ll be able to find a treatment to give them a longer life expectancy or a cure. If you haven’t donated already make sure you do so, even if you’ve took part in the challenge and even if you’re not going to. It’s such a worthwhile cause and I for one am glad I took part.

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