Sometimes Good News Takes A While

Wednesday’s mean looking back at my week and sharing some happy things with you all. I missed last weeks for several reasons but this week I’m back and I have some very exciting news. Well, I don’t know if this is exciting for you but it is for me. I feel like I have to share it since you lot had to listen to me rant about it for a few weeks.


It only took me two attempts but I passed and I am so blooming happy. With this news it means I am now able to go ahead and start the second year of my course in September with my friends. I’m very excited just in case you can’t already tell. I spent the last few days after the exam crying and thinking that it as all over because I couldn’t understand the human body as well I should and now to find out all that hard work actually paid off is really terrific. It certainly tops something that made me happy throughout the week.

Another thing that made my week a little more pleasant than normal, I got to go and spend some time with my Gran. Sadly, I don’t get to see her as often as I would like. I work weekends and usually throughout the week I have university which makes seeing her a lot harder. I went over yesterday with my dad and it was a really fun day. We had breakfast and I took a few films over for her to watch. We sat and watch Bride Wars which she loved and we started The Lovely Bones which I think she was enjoying. I had to leave early but I left those DVDs with her to enjoy.

Being a positive person I was always try to remain happy and smile even when things are pretty tough. It’s nice to have a week where you don’t have to find a reason to smile you’re just smiling because something good happened and you got to spend time with family. Things like that are important.

So, here’s the question I love asking, what made you lot happy this week? Leave your comment below and I’ll give them a read later on today.

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