The 10 Day Bookworm Challenge


I’m assuming that you all know that I’m a pretty big fan of books. If you’re not then where have you been the last few months? If you’re a fellow book lover you’re probably going to love the daily posts coming over the next few days, if you’re not then don’t worry because I’ll still be posting my usual sillyness. Myself and a friend, Small Town City Girls, decided we wanted to do a book challenge but we wanted to make it a little different so it would be more fun for both of us. We give you The 10 Day Bookworm Challenge, hurrah!

The rules are pretty simple and easy to follow so if this challenge is something you fancy taking part in then you can find these rules below:

  • Write down the name of 11 books that you have read onto separate pieces of paper and put them into a hat or bag or jar or anything you have lying around as long as it can hold them.
  • Each day you’ll pick our a piece of paper from your bag or hat or jar and with the name of the book you have to complete the task for that day based on the book you’ve written down.

Day 1 – Try and draw three characters from your book, blindfolded.

Day 2 – Make a playlist for your book (if there is already one, don’t look at the original)

Day 3 – Take a photo of something that reminds you of the book

Day 4 – Post your 4 favourite quotes from the book and tell us why they’re your favourite.

Day 5 – Sum up the book in 4 words

Day 6 – Pick two books today and pick a character from each book and say why you think they would make a great couple/work well together or say why they wouldn’t.

Day 7 – Tell us how far you think the main characters would make it in The Hunger Games. If your book is The Hunger Games say your favourite characters in the order of 1 to 5 and tell us why.

Day 8 – Β Pick a character from your book and pretend they have several social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then create several of their posts, tweets and pictures you think they would upload to the sites and show us.

Day 9 – Pick 3 characters from your book and say which house they would be picked for in Harry Potter. If your book is Harry Potter tell us which magical job you would like to have if you lived in the potter universe.

Day 10 – Choose your dream cast in a movie/TV show for your chosen book. If it is already a movie/TV show tell us if you agree with who has been picked or if you would change them. If you want to change them who would you pick?

I’ve been looking forward to starting this since we came up with the idea! My first post will be up shortly make sure you check it out. If this is something you’re going to be doing on your blog let me know because I’d love to check out your answers πŸ™‚

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10 thoughts on “The 10 Day Bookworm Challenge

  1. […] These weren’t really in any particular order and I realised the music I think would work with the book won’t be the same as yours. If you have any suggests about what you think would work I’d love to hear them. You can check out my previous day for The Bookworm Challenge here and if you want to find out what The Bookworm Challenge is about you can find out more here. […]

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