Traumatic Experiences, Crying & Raspberry Cheesecake

First of all I feel like I should be apologizing for harassing you all with all those blog posts I was catching up on. I decided I was starting September off with a 10 Day Bookworm Challenge and then I disappeared after day 1. How unlike me! I’m not as sorry for harassing you as I should be because I had a good reason for it, I spent the last two days with my nose in a book. Yup, that’s why I haven’t be around but I mean it’s okay to disappear for a few days because you’re caught up in a fictional universe, right? Phew, thanks for understanding!

Secondly, I do realise that the title of this blog post is really strange. I promise you there is a proper explanation for my choice of words and it’s not just some random letters I pieced together at 11 at night. Before you ask I didn’t have a traumatic experience that ended with me crying because of a raspberry cheesecake, that would be insane.

I finished my book tonight and I thought why not treat yourself to a relaxing night watching the first few episodes of Lost and catching up on blog posts. I figured I’d just jump in the shower, not literally thought because that’s dangerous. So I’m in the shower and I’m washing my hair and I’m singing like I’m performing for thousands of fans and I happen to look up and I see a spider. Newsflash, I’m terrified on insects and flies and anything like that. They freak me out so I tend to stay away from them as much as possible. However, when you’re in the shower and your solo is cut short and you’re staring at this spider with shampoo in your hair you don’t really have anywhere to go. Naturally I panicked!

I full on started crying wondering how I was going to get out of this situation. I’m frantically trying to wash the shampoo from my hair so I can get out of there and make my escape without any injuries. My eyes are on this spider asking it just to stay put until I’m done but of course it’s not listening and starts making it’s way around my bathroom ceiling as if taunting me. I start following it only to find ANOTHER SPIDER IN THE ROOM! I’m alone in a room with two spiders so of course I start crying even more thinking this is how I’m leaving this world.

I don’t know how you tell the gender of spiders but at this point I don’t even care I’m automatically thinking it’s a male and female and they’re making baby spiders in my bathroom that will then come and get me in my sleep. Death by baby spiders who would have thought that’s how my life would end? Anyway I get out the shower I grab what I need and I make it out the bathroom. I beg my brother to come help but he laughs and tells me to grow up. I make sure the bathroom door is shut and nothing is getting out and I go to my room and decide I’ll wait on my mum.

My mum finally comes upstairs and I ask her to kindly remove the spiders from the bathroom. She’s basically fearless of anything, like my mums superwomen. Anyway she’s in the bathroom removing the spiders and I’m thinking everything’s going to be fine. I’m fixing blog posts and I’ve finally stopped crying and everything seems good. WRONG! She walks out the bathroom and says “Want to see them?” walks into my room and points a piece of toilet roll towards me (I should mention that there was nothing on the toilet roll and that she had already let the spiders out but I didn’t know this.) Like any normal person I threw my laptop across the bed. Screaming I jumped standing to my feet and I cried. Full on cried at my mum as she waved toilet roll around. She of course thinks this is hilarious.

Thankfully I managed to calm down and see the funny side after she hugged me and told me it was just a cruel joke. We laughed about it and she told me how she had been scared like me, only she wasn’t as bad. She learned to deal with them when she moved out on her own but I don’t think it’s something I’ll be learning to do. Spiders creep me out. Anyway I’m eating raspberry cheesecake and I’m calm after that horrible joke. I’ll probably be the bait of jokes in my family for a good few weeks but I’m okay with that. I made a full of myself and I cried over nothing but she won’t be doing that again since I cried and made her feel bad so it’s win win situation.

Make me feel better and tell me that my fear of spiders is total normal and everyone reacts the way I did. Do you guys have any fears that make you cry uncontrollably when you see them or it’s mentioned? Leave me a comment below and I’ll have a read at them tomorrow.

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