Book Review | How They Met & Other Stories By David Levithan

“You have to believe there are kisses and laughs and risks worth taking.”


How They Met, and Other Stories By David Levithan is a brilliant book filled with short stories following several different characters in their journey of finding all different kinds of love. The book is varied which I really liked it’s not specific to one kind of love and I think it’s what makes the book stand out. You have the kind of love where you pine to be with the person you adore and you have the kind of love where you speak to the person you’ve had a crush on forever for the first time. The book deals with love that fills you with happiness and joy.

The main question really focuses on what love actually is and in fact you can’t find one answer that’s the same because everyone’s experience of love is different. Love is complicated and varied and addictive and joyful and unpredictable but that’s the beauty of it.

If a good love story is something you enjoy then I am sure you will find a short story in this book that appeals to you. I happened to find several which made me love the book even more. Some of the stories will have you laughing where as others will make your heartache but it’s an enjoyable read and it’s something I’m sure you’ll enjoy. The only downside to this book is that I’m the kind of person who loves knowing what happens after the first date or the first meeting. I’m the kind of person who would read a book about my favourite fictional couple doing nothing all day because I like to know what happens after the happily ever after. These stories are short but they’re sweet and although in some of the cases I wanted to know more I was okay with not knowing how it all worked out. Sometimes not knowing is the best.

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