The 10 Day Bookworm Challenge | Day 7


Today’s the seventh day of the 10 Day Bookworm Challenge (It’s actually the 9th but I missed a few days and like usual I’m doing some catch up.) Today I’ve to say how far I think the main characters in the book I’ve chosen would get in The Hunger Games or if the book is The Hunger Games state my favourite characters in order and tell you why. The book I randomly selected today was The Distance Between Us by Kasie West. This book was the reason I fell in love with Kasie so if you haven’t already picked up a copy of one of her books do it soon because you’ll fall in love with her characters and her writing.

I think Caymen might last a little while in The Hunger Games. She was brought up to stand on her own two feet and she’s able to provide for herself however she’s not a killer. I don’t think she’d win the games or make it to the end but I think she has as good a chance as anyone at lasting a couple of days. I also think Xander may last the same amount of time as Caymen. He too can stand on his own two feet and look after himself but he’s also not a killer. He was brought up to a better lifestyle than Caymen but in these games that doesn’t mean anything. All the money in the world couldn’t get you out.

In the games the one thing you have to be able to do is take another’s life repeatedly so you’re the last one standing. I’ve never seen these two as killers so I don’t think they’d make it long enough to survive and win the games. However, they could surprise me just like Katniss surprised everyone.

You can check out my previous day for The Bookworm Challenge here and if you want to find out what The Bookworm Challenge is about you can find out more here.

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