Birthdays, Dinner & First Day of Second Year – Woah!!

Ah, this week has been an incredible busy one. September is one of the busiest months for me anyway but I feel like this year it just kind of blew up in my face and screamed. Of course, it blew up in a good way and screamed in the way you scream when you’re favourite movie releases a new trailer, you all know I’m talking about that Mockingjay trailer that dropped right? I’m still feeling all those feels and I lost the ability to even!

For me September is a month full of birthday’s. I have my dad’s, my brothers, my best friend’s, my uncle’s and lastly my cousin’s. That’s a lot of birthday’s for one month so thankful I only have one in October! I love September don’t get me wrong because I get to celebrate a special day with all these wonderful people and it’s great. It was my dad’s birthday last week and we just had a nice dinner and something quiet in the house, nothing too exciting. Next year’s a big year for birthday’s so it’ll no doubt be filled with a lot of excitement and parties! My brother’s birthday followed at the weekend and again it was something simple. We went out for dinner and had a little shopping trip where he got a few presents. Again, it was nothing huge and extravagant but it was simple and it was spent with family which was lovely.

Today is actually my uncle and my best friend’s birthday so since I’m talking about it now it only seems fair to wish them both a huge happy birthday! I went out for dinner with Cara, her friend Emma and boyfriend for a lovely meal. It was such a good night filled with a lot of chat and I even made a few new friends. It was the first time I had met both Emma and Cara’sย boyfriend so of course I was a little nervous but it turns out I had nothing to be nervous about. As expected they’re both lovely people and Emma and I even found a common love of The Infernal Devices book series which was great. Tons of talking about Will and Jem which made the night even more perfect!

Yesterday was my official first day back at university which was both exciting and strange. I’ve been gone from the place for most of the summer so of course I’m having to find my feet in a routine again but we’re getting there. I am no longer a first year but instead a second year which is very exciting, I’m one step closer to walking away with a degree in psychology!! ๐Ÿ™‚ This year is certainly going to be a lot harder than last but I’m up and I’m ready for the challenge! Come at me second year I’m going to ace my way through and enter into third year with as little stress as possible. This will no doubt be a lot as we found out we have coursework due in in only two weeks! Ahh, panic alarms are at the ready!

The start of September has been very interesting and I cannot wait to see what the rest of Autumn has to offer. Green leaves turning orange, dark nights, cold crisp air, jumpers, hot chocolate, it’s the start of an exciting season and I for one cannot wait to get started! It’s going to be stressful and exciting and lovely and full of happiness but life is both miserable and magical and I’m ready to face it head on!

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