Let’s Talk About The Power of Magpies

I know this is a very strange thing to discuss on a Sunday morning. It seems these Sunday posts keep getting stranger from superhero powers last week to birds this week. I promise there is a good reason for this I wouldn’t just be coming up with a strange topic with no point whatsoever. Anyway, if you’re not aware of what a magpie is it’s a black and white bird. Going from the title of this post you’ve probably already guess that I believe in the power of magpies, but what does that mean?

I’m not sure if this happens anywhere else but when I was younger my grandparents and my parents would sign the rhyme every time we saw a magpie and it kind of just stuck in my head from a young age. Basically I believe in what the rhyme says and as strange as it sounds it honestly works. The rhyme goes as follows:

One for sorrow
Two for joy
Three for a girl
Four for a boy
Five for silver
Six for gold
Seven for a secret that’s never to be told
Eight’s a wish
Nine’s a kiss
Ten’s a bird you must not miss

It’s a pretty simple rhyme and although it can vary this is the one I hear people saying or singing the most. This week magpies were kind of a featured item in my day. A friend and I were heading to get the bus into university and we both saw two separate sets of one magpie – one for sorrow. Following the rhyme this would mean we were going to feel sorry or have two bad things happen to us. If you haven’t already guessed that’s exactly what happened, coincidence? I think not.

The first bad thing that happened was that my friend got shouted at on the bus by a rude bus driver which meant we had to wait on the next bus. The second bad thing was that she had just bought new jeans and they ripped. Now that her bad things were over it meant I had some bad luck that was overdue. The third bad thing would be that I got the times mixed up for university which meant ย we got the earlier bus. Finally, the last bad thing that happened to us was that we ended up walking into the wrong lecture. I have no idea what we walked into but it turns out when you get the wrong bus you end up an hour early for your first psychology lecture of year 2!

Of course it wasn’t all bad. We did see one set of two magpies, two for joy, which meant we did have some good things to look forward to. The nice thing that happened to me was that I survived a horrible bus ride home where I had to stand and nearly died. It was crazy but we met some lovely people on the bus and got chatting whilst trying not to die so that’s a plus. I also came home to find out that I didn’t have to cook dinner and that my dad had cleaned most of the house so I only had a little to do on Friday. I know these aren’t major exciting things to happen but sometimes it’s the smaller things we appreciate more and after the day had I certainly appreciated the smaller things in life

So you still might be a little sceptical of the rhyme because why would it be anything other than a coincidence that all that bad luck and a little good luck happened on the same day? My cousin found out she was pregnant last year and about two months before her due date I saw three magpies, three for a girl, in February she welcomed a beautiful baby girl. I strongly believe in the power of magpies and I know some of my friends think I’m crazy for it.

I guess it’s really a superstition like if you break a mirror you get seven years bad luck or placing new shoes on the table is bad luck. Everyone has there own and this is mine. Do you have any superstitions you use and believe work? I’d love to know. Make me feel like I’m not crazy like my best friend suspects. Here’s a secret, all the best people are a little crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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