Nobody Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming!

Do you ever have a day or a few days where everything just seems to be going right or exciting things are happening and it puts you in the best possible mood? I don’t want to jinx it or anything but this week has been one of them. I like it when this happens because I walk around with a smile on my face, I dance around my room and nothing can bring me down!

So where do I begin in telling you how this week ended up being so blooming fabulous? Well, I got to see my favourite person this week, Bethany. With me starting back university and juggling the workload and my weekend shifts I haven’t seen her as much as I usually do which pretty much sucks. She popped over twice this week which was a lovely surprise. We made dinner on Wednesday for everyone. It was macaroni cheese and not to brag or anything but it was fantastic. She also came over last night and we ate chocolate cake and watched a few films – the best way to spend a Friday!

I ended up going shopping this week. Now I believe that a shopping trip isn’t complete unless you visit the bookstore. Although I also find it extremely hard not to buy anything when I walk into the bookstore. All those books sitting waiting for someone to buy them and read them, how can you not buy something? I ended up treating myself to four books this week which I am very excited about. I almost have a complete John Green collection and I even managed to pick up both of Giovanna Fletcher’s book. I call that a successful trip and I’m very excited to start them next month, lots of reviews on the way too! Oh, and I feel I should congratulate Cora on walking into TWO bookshops with me on Friday withoutΒ buyingΒ a single book, talk about will power!

Cora also surprised me with the biggest treat ever this week. I’m still kind of shocked that it’s even happening and I woke up this morning wondering if I had actually dreamt it. Cora managed to get two tickets to an advance screening of The Maze Runner at the start of next month and she’s very kindly invited me along to join her. It’s not out here in the UK so you can probably already guess my excitement over this. I loved the book and I’ve been counting down for the film. Now, thanks to a wonderful friend, I’m getting to see it a little earlier which of course means a movie review for those of you still patiently waiting the films release in your country!

This week has been an amazing one and I still have another day to go. I don’t know what else could happen to make this week even more perfect than it already has been. Cora is a fantastic person who also has a blog on this website. She mostly blogs the same things I do without a few extra added treats! You can find her blog here, smalltownbookworm, so make sure you give her a follow and share some blog love with her!

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5 thoughts on “Nobody Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming!

  1. My mum thought I was sick when I told her I didn’t buy any πŸ™‚ I still think i’m dreaming about the tickets, have to keep checking them to see that it’s real.You are the one that got me excited about the maze runner of course I was going to ask you! And thank you so much πŸ™‚ !!!

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