I’m coursework free, well sort of…

CAN WE ALL HAVE A DANCE PARTY AND CELEBRATE THE FACT THAT I’M COURSEWORK FREE?!? HURRAH!!! Today is a very good day and I am smiling like a goofball as I dance around my room and get ready for work. Last night I finished my business law essay which means I am now essay free and honestly there isn’t a better feeling in the world. All that stress I had, all those past few nights I found myself in a mess because of it all is finally over with. I’m smiling again and I’m happy and you know what, if feels great!

Okay, so “technically” I’m not coursework free. I have another piece to do in a couple of weeks but it’s not an essay and like I said it’s in a few weeks so until then I’m taking a little me break and personally I think it’s well deserved. I’ve been so stressed and so tired that I just need time to hit that refresh button and find my feet again where my day doesn’t revolve around sitting in front of a computer, drinking coffee and worrying about how to write a reference.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a social media and phone break for a couple of days. I’ve been sitting on my butt since Tuesday in front of a computer writing essays and that’s not healthy. I have moved around and I have been outside but most of the time I’ve been at my desk writing away about human development and business law. I need a break where a computer isn’t involved and I think a break from technology is probably the best thing for me.

So after this has been posted I’ll be signing off of the computer until Thursday. I was planning on staying offline for a good week but right now that doesn’t really fit into my schedule so three days will have to be enough but I think it’ll be good having those three days. I won’t be distracted by the buzzing of my phone or wanting to check how things are. I’ll be able to sit and read all those books I need to read and catch up on some TV shows. I’ll be going out running and taking walks which means there will be lots of Autumn pictures coming. Ps, it’s my favourite season and not just because my birthday falls into it!

Things are looking good again and I am very happy about that. I’ve set up my usual posts that come along on a Monday and a Wednesday to be posted like normal so nothing will be missed while I’m away on my technology break. I’ll be back on Thursday night with no doubt a movie review as I’m going to see Love, Rosie on Monday. For now this is it, I’ll see you all again on Thursday. Have a good week!  🙂

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