Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

I love November because so many exciting things happen and it’s the lead up to Christmas and I love Christmas! Firstly, it’s after 0Halloween so it means you can spend your days eating all those Halloween treats you got. I’m too old to go trick or treating so instead I eat the leftover sweets that weren’t claimed. Sometimes if I’m lucky some neighbors will hand some sweets in for us which is a lovely thing to do. I’m currently eating this huge bar of chocolate while writing this post, it’s pretty good I’m not going to lie.

After Halloween here in the UK we have bonfire night. t’s always a fun colourful night even if we do end up standing outside in the cold for hours watching fireworks launch into the sky. Normally we get food afterwards so there’s always and upside!

Bonfire night is a yearly event where we light fireworks and have a bonfire and it’s usually followed by food, or at least in my case it is. It basically came from this man called Guy Fawkes who on November 5th was arrested while he was guarding explosives that were placed underneath the House of Lords. B1ack in 1605 people lit bonfires to celebrate that the King had survived a murder attempt and so years later we still celebrate it. Sometimes people will make a scarecrow type model to represent Guy Fawkes and that’s placed in the middle of the bonfire as it’s lit. Then we all stand around watching fireworks while we’re freezing, or at least that’s how it goes in Scotland. I’m not actually sure how cold it is in England right now but up here it’s pretty cold.

Sadly tonight I won’t be able to go to a bonfire display so I’ll have to settle from watching them from the house with a cup of tea as I look out the window. I have a bad cold, which is why there was no post on Sunday. I have plans this weekend to celebrate my birthday so it seems like a better idea to stay inside and fight the cold than go outside and make it worse.

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