Birthday Celebrations | I’m no longer a teenager

This weekend I turned 20 which is a very strange feeling. I’m officially no longer a teenager so does this mean I’m a grown-up now? Does this mean I have to start making sensible adult decisions about my future? I’m still as clueless about the future and what I want to do as I was before I was 20 so I guess I can hold off on the adult decisions for another year.

Since turning 20 a lot of people have been telling me I’m now officially old which is strange. I know they’re only teasing but 20 was never an age I ever considered old, at least not since I was 5. Yet the more people tell me that I’m old the more I start thinking about it. I’m 20 years away from turning 40 and 10 away from turning 30, that’s insane! It’s like one of those moments where if you hear something often enough you start to think its true. Then again maybe I’m just getting madder the older I get!

This weekend was spent celebrating the big 20 with friends and family. The Friday was more family focused as I spent the night with my mum and brother watching movies and having a relaxing night. Saturday was all about friends. We went out for dinner and stuffed our faces with as much food and chocolate covered deserts as we could before heading back to mine for a few drinks. It was a lovely weekend that made me realise just how lucky I am to have the people in my life that I do. I know people say this a lot but it’s true, I have the greatest friends and family in the world and they’re part of the reason I’m still sane.

Someone once told me that being 20 doesn’t mean you’re an adult just yet. Instead it’s just a bunch of young adults wandering around aimlessly as they try to figure out this crazy thing called life. I’m officially part of the wandering aimlessly gang and I for one am excited to see what this next year has in store.

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