Let’s Talk About… That Insurgent Sneak Peek!

I’m starting a new weekly feature Let’s Talk About… I’m pretty excited about this one as I kind of enjoy talking a lot. This way I can ramble on about things and you lot never get tired of my voice. You might get tired of reading though which I’m totally cool with, sort of. If this goes well I’ll have guest bloggers on the blog talking about something every so often but for now we’re trying things out.

Everything has to start somewhere so I though I’d start things off with talking about that Insurgent teaser that dropped today. If you haven’t seen it yet you can get caught up by watching the video below and then join in on my excitement afterwards.

How amazing does the action look in this sneak peek alone? I mean I am already excited about what they’ll be doing with the bigger action scenes. I love the dream state where she’s trying to save her mum it brings back those horrible memories of her mum dying in the first film. A+ acting from Shailene!

Don’t hate on me for this but I kind of have mixed feelings about this teaser trailer. Let me explain, I was kind of expecting something from the book. An anticipated scene, a look and FourTris, a look at Amity, I didn’t expect our first teaser to be a dream state in her mind. Don’t get me wrong I love the scene it’s exciting and action packed and has me full of anticipation as I wonder what they’ll be doing with the film but I’m still a tiny bit disappointed.

If this is a tiny peek of what kind of action we can expect in this film then I think we’re going to be blown away with what they’re doing. I love that the books dealt with so much drama and action and question after question so I’m looking forward to seeing this portrayed on the big screen. On a little side note, hey in the next teaser or the first trailer can we pretty please get a look at Four being all badass? I’d really like to see that.

What are your thoughts on this sneak peek trailer? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About… That Insurgent Sneak Peek!

  1. Hi! I also have mixed feelings about the trailer. It looks great, and I love Tris’s haircut, though not what I pictured when I read the book. It looks like it will be full of action. But I just finished the book a few weeks ago, and I don’t know what scene the trailer is from. I know it’s a dream, but I don’t remember her having it. It must be one of those lovely movie add-ins.

    I don’t remember there being a lot of action at the beginning of the novel, so maybe this trailer is from an early scene where the movie people are trying to give more action to those longer, and sometimes boring, information parts. Tris cuts her hair pretty early, so maybe this comes in during all that waiting at Amity they do in the beginning.

    It does look great having her jump off all those buildings. I thought, “Oh. I wish I could do that.”

    • I am so happy I’m not the only person who feels this way. I love her hair despite what some people are saying, I had a feeling they’d use her short do for the film after she cut it for TFiOS. I think it might be added too to make it more action-y which I’m okay with.

      Every single time I watch an action film while eating food I sit and wish I was able to do the things they could. I mean there is nothing cooler than jumping from a building and swinging from a rope. Hopefully the next trailer will seem a bit more book like 🙂

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