Book Review | Christmas with Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher


I read Billy and Me earlier this year and I fell in love with the book instantly. Since then Giovanna has quickly become one of my favourite authors. I’m currently reading one of her other books so no doubt you can imagine my excitement when I found out Christmas with Billy and Me was being released. Imagine me jumping around and doing a silly little dance, now imagine me doing that on coffee and you’re almost close to how excited I was.

Since finishing Billy and Me, which you can find my review for here, I have wanted something more about what Sophie and Billy have been up to and it arrived with no disappointments. I picked this book up on Tuesday and finished it the same day which was okay since it was a short fun read, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. The book is a short novella that will get your in the Christmas spirit. Christmas is my favourite time of year and this book has just gotten me more excited. I was going to save it for a cold winters night read but I couldn’t wait that long.

I loved being able to catch up with one of my many favourite book couples and see how they were doing and what they were getting up to. The fact that the setting was Christmas made the book just that little more magical. I would read Billy and Me before you read this as it’ll help you understand and no doubt fall in love with this beautiful book. I kind of guessed the ending half way through the book but it was so magical getting to read about it happening in such a sweet way, it was all to romantic.

Once again Giovanna has written another book I’ve fallen in love with instantly and ended up hooked to from the first page right up until the last. She has such a beautiful writing style and you feel happy reading her book. If you’re looking for a short, lovely, romantic, heart-warming, festive read then I highly recommend you go out and pick this one up but only if you’ve read Billy and Me. We wouldn’t want to spoil that one for you.

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