Let’s Talk About… Getting Ready for Christmas

It’s almost my favourite time of year where we put up the Christmas tree, sing songs, watch Christmas movies and spend as much time as possible with friends and family. I am very excited about Christmas this year like I get every year. I’ve already started annoying my parents about when we can start decorating the house and how I want a little dusting of snow on Christmas day this year. They’re don’t quite have the same IT’S CHRISTMAS spirit as me but it’ll arrive soon, I hope.

For me I simply can’t just celebrate Christmas like most people. In order for me to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy all the fun activities that surround it I first have to work my way through four exam which happen to end on the 15th of next month, I think. (This is something I should probably should double check instead of writing blog posts.)

I’m all ready to grab my jumpers, HUGE mug of hot chocolate and winter books to start celebrating the season. I cannot wait to start getting all Christmasy, see I’m going on again about my excitement. This is only a slight tease at what I’m like at home with my parents. Anyway this Sunday I have a very special announcement regarding the next month of blog posts and what’s going to be happening and I cannot wait to share it all with you so look out for that post sometime on Sunday.

For now I’d love to know what puts you in the Christmas spirit, let me know in the comments below. Personally I love the feeling on December first where you can open the first door of your advent calendar and you know you only have to wait 24 days before you can eat your body weight in delicious food 🙂

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