December Is On The Way & So Is Blogmas!

It’s the last day of November today which means tomorrow is the last month of 2014. That’s so strange to say because it doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was counting down to 2014 with friends and family. Strange how everything goes by so quickly.

I have some news to share with you all and I am pretty excited about this so I hope you all get excited about it too. Today marks the very last Sunday post of 2014 because tomorrow I’m going to start something new. Since December is one of my favourite months and I love getting into the Christmas spirit I’ve decided I will be blogging throughout the entire month of December.

This is something I see a lot of people on Youtube doing and they call it Vlogmas, where they post vlogs throughout December. Now I thought about doing this but three things sprung to mind: 1) I do not like the sound of my voice on camera, 2) you lot probably don’t want to see my annoying face for 31 days and 3) my life isn’t interesting enough to video document. Thus Blogmas seemed like a good direction to take.

I am looking forward to sharing all my festive activities with you all and letting you get a look into what happens when I’m getting ready for Christmas. It’s such a fun time of year and I am very excited to get started and share it all with you. Are any of you doing anything similar to this? Let me know because I’d really love to check it out and see what you get up to over the festive period.

In case you aren’t aware I’ll be blogging every day of December with Blogmas! Every Blogmas post will be up at 8PM (UK time) every day and my normal posts (except the Sunday ones) will be posted at some point during the day most likely around 3PM (UK time!)

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