Blogmas Day 1 | December Has Arrived and I’m Excited

If you haven’t already guess December is one of my favourite months and not just because Christmas is coming. The full month is spent with family and friends which even alone is great but you also get to curl up on a cold night with Christmas films and hot chocolate, even the idea gets me excited. The snow will be arriving soon which means we can run outside and have snowball fights and build snowmen and go sledging – such a fun filled month.

Since today is December 1st I got to open the first door in my advent calendar after I had breakfast. Yes I may be 20 years old but you’re never too old for an advent calendar. Today’s treat behind door 1 was a chocolate snow man which put me in the mood for watching Frozen. I think I’ll have to have a little sing song tonight. It’s been too long since I last watched it and nothing beats a Disney film. Plus, I’m very fond of Olaf!

Taking revision breaks I’ve been working out when I can start getting things organised for Christmas and more importantly when I can start annoying my mum about putting the Christmas tree up. Apparently coming home from work and arguing that they have their Christmas decorations up is not a good idea when it’s only November 30th. I’ll try again tomorrow but something tells me we won’t be decorating the tree until at least December 12th. It seems so long away…..

In case you aren’t aware I’ll be blogging every day of December with Blogmas! Every Blogmas post will be up at 8PM (UK time) every day and my normal posts (except the Sunday ones) will be posted at some point during the day most likely around 3PM (UK time!)

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