Blogmas Day 2 | I’m Feeling Very Fortunate Today

Today has just been one of these days where I am so appreciated of what I have and who I have in my life. I have these days every so often where I send friends and family these texts where I explain how much I love them and how important they are to me. In the craziness of life we don’t always get the chance to tell the people close to us that we love them so I like to send sweet overemotional texts every now and again. Today this was more evident that normal.

I got called into work today and for those of you who don’t know I’m a waitress. Today I was working a funeral and I don’t particularly like funerals because they mark the end of life and at any time of year they’re awful but I think they’re so much worse especially near Christmas time. I can’t imagine loosing someone I love and care for so close to Christmas and today it just hit me of how lucky I am to still have all these people I love around me, especially coming up to the festive period.

Of course funerals aren’t all doom and gloom because they’re about celebrating the life someone had with the people who made their life what it was and sharing these sweet wonderful memories. Let me tell you there was a lot of that today which kind of made everything that little bit sweeter. While working I got to talk to some pretty amazing people who filled me in on some funny stories and lovely memories they’d shared over the years which was really nice hearing especially on what was no doubt a sad day for the family and friends.

I’m back home now and I’ve changed into my jammies like I always do when I return home from wherever I’ve been. Today’s been a busy one but a lovely one. I’m now going to go make a cup of tea and maybe treat myself to a chocolate biscuit before I knuckle down and get some more revision done.

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