Let’s Talk About… The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

Oh my god we need to talk about how amazing this film was. However, I do know that not everyone will have seen the film yet so I’ll keep it spoiler free for anyone who just wants to know my opinion on the film. Seriously though I said this like a million times once we left the cinema, Francis Lawrence is a genius!

I went to see Mockingjay Part 1 last Friday and I was so excited about going to see the film but I was also a little terrified. I’m sure if you’ve read the book you’ll understand why I had these mixed feelings, you probably understand if you’ve even seen the film. The second film ended with Peeta being taken to the Capitol along with Johanna and Enobaria from the 75th Hunger Games and what was awaiting Peeta terrified me. I cried at the book just reading about it so I knew seeing Josh portray this on the screen wasn’t going to be easy to watch. Personally, I felt the film transitioned well from book-to-film. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, Francis Lawrence is amazing. He brought District 13, The Capitol, District 7, he made everything look so amazing. I felt that it was a honest adaptation of the much beloved book however, I still feel Catching Fire was my favourite so far.

I have so many favourite parts about the film firstly it seems only right to talk about the start of the film. I really loved how they didn’t skip past how much Katniss is struggling with everything, she has PTSD and I loved that they recognised this. Jennifer’s acting, as always, was spot on. However we really REALLY need to talk about Josh Hutcherson. Give that man an award other than something from MTV. His portrayal of Peeta Mellark has always been spot on but in this film it reduced me to tears and was so unbelievable. I also really liked seeing more of Liam Hemsworth’s character, Gale. I loved watching that fire spark within him that was there from the first film. Although there were some scenes that really irritated me but that’s more for a personal reason on how I feel about the character as a whole rather than how Liam portrayed the character.

The ending of the film both surprised, shocked and got me really excited. I went into the film 98% sure I knew we’re they were going to split it in half for part 2. However, I was pleasantly surprised as my heart broke in half. I mean the credits came on and Lorde’s song started playing and I turned to my friend and asked how we were supposed to wait a year to see the second part. I need the second part now, I need to see the very last paragraph of the book on the screen and I need to see that beautiful epilogue to make everything better again.

No matter what I thought of the film what stuck with me the most is The Hanging Tree song which Jennifer sang. It was beyond beautiful and I really liked how Francis transitioned it into the film which gave me goosebumps watching. So, so beautiful I really want to go and see the film again and again and again until I can watch part 2. How long until November?

Anyway, if you’ve seen the film I’d love to know what you thought of everything so leave me a comment below. 🙂

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