Blogmas Day 4 |Hot Chocolate Reunions Are Wonderful!

Today was a pretty wonderful day. I had some university classes today which meant venturing out of the cold away from my warm house. It did mean a catch up with Cora which calmed me down about exams and made me feel a lot better. She really is the best at calming me down which is good because I freak out ALL the time during exams. We even made plans on how we’re celebrating the end of exam season, I’m very excited for doughnuts!

My best friend came home for the night which was a wonderful surprise. She lives in Glasgow and since I’m the opposite side for university it means seeing her is a little harder than what it used to be. Luckily tonight she came home with lots of treats and we got into a right gossip and catch up filling in each other on what we’ve missed. What was even lovelier about the whole thing was that the chat was over a hot chocolate and a Danish pastry – talk about a treat.

I also got to have a little chat with her parents which is always lovely. For us living in the same place it’s really bad how little I get around to see them. I kind of class her parents as my parents because I’ve known her since we were in nursery. I used to go to her house after school and I spent most weekends at her house. Her parents are my parents and my parents are her parents. It really is a lovely little thing when we’re reunited like this it really makes me realise how much I miss them. It’s always fun going down to her house and I cannot wait until she moves back home for Christmas so we can have more days like this.

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