Blogmas Day 6 | I Think I’m Getting An Early Present, A Winter Cold!

What a lovely present to arrive just before exams begin. Aren’t I just a lucky lucky person. If I’m honest I think this may be more of a stress cold than a winter cold which is probably 10x worse. I normally get sick before exams, sore throat, sore head, runny nose, everything you don’t want before your exams. They come around when I’ve been over working myself and since I’ve been stressed I think it’s all just been building up, great! I kind of thought I was getting through them fine, clearly I was wrong.

My friend has had a horrible cold over the last few days so maybe it’s a sympathy one so I know what she’s going through. I don’t know either way I’d love it if it just packed it’s bags and disappeared for a few weeks. Currently I’m wrapped up trying to study, I’ve had no sleep and it turns out nothing wants to be remembered today – my worst nightmare.

I’m trying everything to try and fight this cold off just in case it is an actual cold and not something that I’ve made up inside my head. I’m taking painkillers, I’m wrapped up in a lot of layers and my dressing gown and best of all I’ve been drinking lots of tea and water. Anything to prolong the worst symptoms from developing. Of course if this is in fact all in my head there is nothing I can do to fight it because I obviously have to keep studying. Dam you head!

It’s Saturday so I think we’re getting a takeaway tonight. I’m thinking pizza, a huge pizza and maybe some chips because I’m just in one of those moods where I could eat everything. Studying has that affect one me. Either way I’m about to go curl up on the couch and find a film to watch with the family before I start some late night studying. Fingers crossed I still have my voice for tomorrow!

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