Blogmas Day 7 | It’s Snowing!!!

Today was a pretty wonderful day. I woke up feeling better than I did yesterday. I’m still not sure what was wrong with me, I’m assuming it was a stress cold. I’m just happy that’s it’s now gone. One less thing to worry about this week.

It’s been snowing today which is always exciting. It feels more like winter when there’s snow on the ground. I think everything always looks prettier covered in a blanket of school. It always makes everything seem more fun too. It was really heavy this afternoon and all I wanted to do was run and jump in the untouched snow. I don’t know why but snow seems to bring out the inner child in me.

My neighbour popped over for dinner tonight after work which cheered me up. A bit of gossip over dinner and planning what we can do to celebrate once I get rid of these exams. It’ll be nice being able to hang out with her without having to worry about how much revision I’m missing out on. She also brought over my favourite dog ever, Missy! She is beyond cute. Curled up next to me looking for lots of cuddles. She’s the sweetest! Hopefully December will be filled with lots of Missy and Bethany visits!

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